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(Evento en inglés con posibilidad de traducir al español)

This is a wonderful life changing experience: The Aura of Tantra Cacao Ceremony!
In these testing times, we need to feel more love! So we will drink the sacred cacao, the ‘food of the gods’, to open our hearts and connect with ourselves and the divine spirit.
The Waning Moon is the perfect cycle to be healing heart chakra energy and setting your intentions. We will do Tantra exercises with breathing, meditation, dance, soul gazing and massage, whilst being guided about aura awareness. We will be working with the sensual female (shakti) and sensual male (shiva) energy to connect with your heart, body and soul for letting go of fear, guilt and shame to awake your sacred life force Kundalini energy! Let go of your fear and surrender to the moment as we will have a lot of fun! At the end, one lucky person will have their name pulled out of a hat and win a free aura painting onto a T-shirt!
About myself, Richart Llover:
I am known as The Aura Painter, although my energy healing work goes way beyond the realms of painting people’s auras. Tantra, is about conscious love and living with joy in the moment, without fear, shame or guilt.
I have been supporting people in the Netherlands and in Ibiza to live a tantric lifestyle for the last 10 years by offering coaching, private sessions, doing festivals and workshops. In 2020, I am now supporting people online all over the world!
I live an off-grid lifestyle, living in nature near Chullila, outside of Valencia city. Aura of Tantra, is my own unique and original concept, which is unlike anything else in this world! This year I was feature interviewed (4 pages), for the UK’s number 1 spiritual magazine, ”Spirit & Destiny” Real Lives section.
Please bring your mask, a blanket and a bottle of water. Also bring a black T-shirt which you can have your aura painted onto if you win the free prize!
Location: healing centre Centro Semilla (Russafa, Valencia).
Price: €15 per person. Advance payment through Paypal. You do not need to have a PayPal account yourself for paying through the link. You can pay by bank or credit card.
The payment need to be due through before 10 hrs at Saturday. Because of the Corona virus situation we only have space for 10 people.
I am very excited to welcoming you to the Aura of Tantra Cacao Ceremony in Valencia, Centro Semilla!
Warm heart greetings,
Richart Llover