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Hello everyone! Are you looking for something more, something they didn’t teach you in school. Something that is going to help you on a daily basis? This is a course about how to keep your immune system high. I decided to write a workshop on health and self-care that eventually turned into a small 50-page syllabus. I am a masseur and have studied Chinese and Japanese medicine and the philosophy that they have about disease is quite different than in the West. I would like to share this knowledge with you. Here’s what we’re going to go through together.
“Disease is never seen solely as the result of bacteria, which are ever present, but rather as a disharmonious functioning of the body”
-the philosophy of eastern and western medicine and why they should collaborate together.
-the theory behind Yin Yang and why it is so important to find balance in nutrition, exercise but in all aspects of our lives.
-a brief introduction to shiatsu.
-the physical anatomy
-the energetic body, chakra’s, aura…
-The Chinese circadian clock (used in eastern medicine)
-Meridians and their connection between emotions, organs, nutrition…
This is a workshop that will be practical and theoretical.
For whom
-everyone with an interest in his health.
-for professionals like yoga and massage therapists who want to give depth to their classes or treatments.
What do you gain
-A broader general knowledge of your body.
-How to keep your immune system in balance
-A number of exercises you can use every day to get fit, alert and healthier through life.
It will be 3 consecutive Saturdays 5, 12, 19 February from 11.00am to 13.30pm.
Price: 1 x 90€
3 x 33€ per class = 99€